Month: July 2015

Let’s Get Depressed

It’s hard when you have open eyes, you dumb it down or just despise the world around you, pain impounds you, sense will ground you…


Ginger Dizzy

I feel pretty mixed up… Or is the mix up just fake pretty?

The YouTube Channel Happened

With many thanks to our other dear friends who hosted and posted those live videos for us, The Repressions are hoping to keep these visuals in one place. So now it is youtube- the repressions for all of your eyeful Repressive needs. We open the channel with our theme song.

The Repressions are so busy…

The Repressions are working on a video for their theme song. It’s a lot of work for a 26 second video. The Repressions are also working on new comics, designing merchandise, and of course rehearsing away for recording their first album. The album should be ready soon… Out for download by the fall. The Repressions are so excited that they are sure to knock something over.