Ever wonder what some of those weird lyrics mean? A handy guide to some of The Repressions’ mysterious made-up words!


MOONCAT: (noun) – a domestic feline, black in color, with a distinctive white “moon-mark” or patch of white fur under the chin, at the top of the chest (see Down, Tiny Little Love Song)

HATSHELL: (noun) – a knit hat that can keep your thoughts from spiraling away, can also fill with snow when left upside down on a bench in winter, can also keep your head warm (see Down)

SHYLIGHT: (noun) – the time of day when you turn inward, to rest and reflect before you find a personal emotional dawn again (see What’s To Be Expected of the Wild)

QUACKEST: (adjective) – ridiculous, farcical, offensively absurd (See Thank You Charlotte Bronte)

MOONSTUCK: (adjective) – inability to move, especially forward, due to more time spent imagining life as it should be, rather than making life as it should be (see Trust Your Doors)

TVPHONE: – a handheld technological device designed for human communication, though often and increasingly used as a way to avoid interaction and connection with life around them, marked by 21st century humans entranced by the device and staring at it with the head down (see Whatever Happened to the Bookstore)

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