Just saying Hello

The Repressions like to check in with you. How are you? We hope you are well but we still want to be there if you are not. We are green-gold-lucky to have music to wrap ourselves in and tear ourselves out. We hope you find a thousand places and ways to get those feelings out too. Paint, sing, cry and twirl. We could only be proud of you.

New Show Poster

The Repressions will see you next Friday with The Greenstreets! Guess who is playing bass for The Greenstreets now?   Some guy named Ben Absurdo, that’s all. This show is a big night for Ben fans.


Saturday Night! August 22

In six short days The Repressions will be playing this big packed show at Shillelagh Tavern. Ten different bands!

The Repressions set is from 10:30-11, and there will be a surprise ( well I guess we just spoiled the surprise) number by BEN ABSURDO, the fierce solo act.

The whole gig starts at 7… There is bound to be loads of action, drama and fine music. Do attend.

Follow the link for more details…


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