THE REPRESSIONS are an NYC forest-music/folk-punk band, featuring Barbara Dragon and Nate Lay. They write songs about books, nature, defending animals, injustice, and mental health. You can find their music on all major streaming platforms and see their live shows every week. The Repressions play energetic shows every month all over New York City and twice weekly on their Twitch channel, incorporating prizes and original artwork into their performance.


Their style has been described by audiences as radical folk-rock, ethereal indie rock, anti-bully music and a Saturday morning cartoon for adults. The band dedicates their music to anyone who has ever been made to feel small for being sensitive, kind, smart, or ill.


The Repressions formed in February 2015 with Barbara Dragon and Ben Absurdo. In 2017, Nate Lay began collaborating with them, bringing a second powerful voice and elaborate guitar and lyrical skills. Ben took leave in early 2019 to pursue other projects, but never fear! Everybody still loves and supports each other and plays board games together and are the best of friends.


As a duo, Nate and Barbara have a dedicated vision, and use every resource available to create, especially their art backgrounds. The Repressions are first and foremost about music, but the band also has its own comics, artwork, memes, fiction, and more.


The Repressions are also vegan for the animals, and defend the vulnerable at any chance they get, human or non-human.


The Repressions hope to make others feel less alone, and keep exploring and singing that caring about things, feelings and emotional honesty are strengths.

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