Second Half of May – Lots to Say

Lots of exciting things for the second half of May~ and more may be added, we’ll be joining some live jams in Astoria and on Governor’s Island while the sun is shining!

5/13: Collab stream with Stunshine Music, live from Stunshine Studio in Philadelphia

5/15: YouTube Video Premiere

5/18: Jedi Friends Raid Train 4 day Twitch Music Festival

5/20: Private Party

5/21: Organic Grill with Brandon Glasgow, Shepup and Kirk Miller

5/24: The Local – Astoria, NYC, 8pm, with Apollo Flowerchild, Annie Nirschel Stone, Michael Hernandez, and Sam Rasiotis & Joe Pepe

5/26: World Premiere of New Gorilla Tag track, by Stunshine Music, featuring The Repressions

5/27: The Repressions Theme Song Official Single Release

Photo: @rjay003 5/6/23, India & Purry Grand Opening


Luna the Mooncat, the Followcat, the sweet girl passed away on Tuesday morning. This kitty, like all, was a whole individual with so much love and magic and humor. Sharp and quick, cuddly and sweet, her first four months on the street, and then the next four months being socialized by a relentless human. Living with and losing her cat family, our family, over many years. Sixteen years later, now family to Nate too, the princess of her apartment and the face of The Repressions. Sixteen years of love. The last few years of working from home a bittersweet gift, more time together. So bonded. Every decision made with consideration to her needs, yet always feeling it may not be enough. What could ever be enough for someone so wonderful?

Luna had a bit more of a public life than our other kitties, so it is necessary to share this here. We are grieving. We will be back to work performing starting today, but please understand that we will need a short break from performing “Followcat.” Right now it is too close, but overall we are so glad that we have that song, and will play it again and often, a tribute to this beautiful amazing girl who made our lives better every second for sixteen years. Life has a lot of loss and the loss hits hard when there is a lot of love. We miss Luna so much, but even through the fog of pain we know we are lucky for having known her, we are lucky for every moment with her.

Upcoming shows…

This is a busy time for gigs!

Catch Nate Lay solo Thursday 10/25 at Jameson’s in Manhattan. Nate and Barbara at OK Cafe in Astoria on 10/26, The Repressions (full band) at the Halloween show at Singlecut on Saturday 10/27, The Repressions at Misfit Hive in Woodside on Friday 11/9, and Nate Lay solo (likely with a few surprise guests) on Saturday 11/10 at Irish Whiskey Bar in Astoria. Live music is the stuff of life!

Gigs October November

Friday April 20 Show at Wayward Social

Back at Wayward Social in Brooklyn for a groovy Friday show with Spaghetti Eastern Music, Rinky Roadshow and Martin Foley. No Cover. Show starts at 7. The Repressions take the stage at 9pm… and it’s all going to be okay…

April 20 Poster (2)


Next Big Show – Saturday October 14

TERRA FIRMA in Brooklyn – Saturday October 14 – Kyle Rogers Album Release Show

Kyle has written and recorded a wise and sneaky smart soulful album of Kyle songs..  Goodness it is so good. The Repressions are very honored to be playing his big show.

Kyle Show

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