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The Repressions are slightly late to the Discord party, but our friends on Twitch are showing us the beauty of this extra spot. This will be another place to get news about all of the music and shows, share your own news, meet fans and friends and lots of other talented musicians. See you there!



Luna the Mooncat, the Followcat, the sweet girl passed away on Tuesday morning. This kitty, like all, was a whole individual with so much love and magic and humor. Sharp and quick, cuddly and sweet, her first four months on the street, and then the next four months being socialized by a relentless human. Living with and losing her cat family, our family, over many years. Sixteen years later, now family to Nate too, the princess of her apartment and the face of The Repressions. Sixteen years of love. The last few years of working from home a bittersweet gift, more time together. So bonded. Every decision made with consideration to her needs, yet always feeling it may not be enough. What could ever be enough for someone so wonderful?

Luna had a bit more of a public life than our other kitties, so it is necessary to share this here. We are grieving. We will be back to work performing starting today, but please understand that we will need a short break from performing “Followcat.” Right now it is too close, but overall we are so glad that we have that song, and will play it again and often, a tribute to this beautiful amazing girl who made our lives better every second for sixteen years. Life has a lot of loss and the loss hits hard when there is a lot of love. We miss Luna so much, but even through the fog of pain we know we are lucky for having known her, we are lucky for every moment with her.

I Never Told You I Was Broken ~ New Video

I Never Told You I Was Broken is not an easy song, nor an easy subject. In a culture of emotional repression, victim blaming, and lack of empathy, it can be extremely difficult to tell others that you have been abused, assaulted, traumatized, or suffer from mental illness. Even those with sympathy may treat you differently, or trust your competence less. It is a door that cannot be closed. Our self preservation instincts cause us to hide parts of ourselves that are in no way bad, but will be construed as bad, and give us permanent classification. These imposed negative labels may come to dominate other’s perceptions of us. While trauma can affect everything, it is not the whole of a person. Trying to overcome trauma while facing fear or judgement from others adds more mountains, and can be debilitating. Survivors may keep things private for very good reasons, but they may also internalize shame, even when they have done nothing wrong. You can tell the world and be judged, or tell no one and feel isolated; Are these the best we have for choices in a world where we know better?

This song is for anyone dealing with that pain, you are not alone.

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