Scrap of History

This little doodle was done during the first week of Repressing back in February 2015. Saving for the scrap book or the scrap pile. The Repressions are comfortable with how scrappy they are.



Dance Moves

The Repressions current choreography includes the DEAD ARM, the MANIC HOP JUMP, and the STRAIGHT JACKET SHUFFLE. Let’s get Dancing!

Joy and Love and Gratitude

Thank you to everyone who came and worked and listened and cheered and everything at last night’s show. The Repressions are overwhelmed with gratitude. Thanks to Avi Bonime of Dire Wolf Photography for capturing these photos.

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Oh my Stars! The Show is TONIGHT!!!!

8pm sharp! – Join The Repressions at the Shillelagh Tavern in Astoria for our full set… The first Album, live on stage for the first time! This merits many exclamation points! Yes! Ben and Barbara will be sure to have nervous breakdowns for your musical enjoyment! See you there!