The Vibe Show featuring 4 Duos!

What a fantastic show! Many thanks to 4 Brown Eyes, Sidecar Studios and Astoria Music Collective for including us with these incredible duos. 4 Brown Eyes streams live here on Facebook every week, with showcases on Saturdays. Hot Glue and The Gun give you a music and art experience, check out the Gluey Zoomy Show on their YouTube channel. No Grudges just released their first single “Put It Together” on all music streaming services. Listen, follow, watch these duos, they are doing amazing work!

Joltin’ July Show Schedule!

You have three chances to see The Repressions here in New York City in July… hopefully you can attend one, or half, or two and three quarters or maybe maybe all three shows? There will be different set lists at each show, and at least one nervous breakdown given the odds. The Repressions are jubilant this July.

Joltin July

The Repressions BWAC Show- May 29!

imageWow! The Repressions are wildly happy to be playing for the Brooklyn Waterfront Artits Coalition on May 29. This is a free show, on a lovely Sunday afternoon, surrounded by art and culture and plenty to do for the whole family. Time to get weird on the waterfront!

Sunday April 17th Show!

Join us Sunday April 17 at The Shillelagh Tavern in Astoria, with K-La and The Coasters and Lux from Massachusetts. Three bands, great live music, inexpensive drinks, lots of space and right in the middle of it all those silly weirdos The Repressions will be singing and playing their silly hearts out for you.

1 a shill show

Show Date Announcement!

No thanks to the blizzard and plenty of thanks to the Irish Whiskey Bar… Our show with Dolly! and the solo Ben Absurdo will now take place on Saturday March 26th! That gives The a Repressions plenty of time to freak out, and you plenty of time to make plans or think of a way out. 🦃 Yay!


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