Hey Jack I’m Your Panic Attack

From the blizzard sessions The Repressions made a simple live video for this strange song. Panic Attacks are not funny by any means, but if you or someone you know suffers from them, this song is for you, from the point of view of the attack itself. Giving the panic external form was helpful in the writing of it, perhaps it can give someone out there a laugh of understanding, or at least a little empathy.

Ophelia’s Song- (blizzard sessions)

The Repressions could not perform their show due to the blizzard, and so stuck inside did a whole kitchen concert. They also have a first attempt at a brand new song. If you like Shakespeare, Arthurian literature, or just want to pull yourself or someone you know out of the dark water, we hope you will enjoy this song:


The Repressions are Ben Absurdo and Barbara Dragon.

This is an excerpt and still from their song Let’s Get Depressed!

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