Medicate Me~ New Video

Mental Health is so very misunderstood. In addition to the social stigma, there are rampant misconceptions about the help we seek. This song wants to let you know that you are not alone.

Trauma Lama Ding Dong ~New Video!

Trauma changes us fundamentally. We live with it, we adjust, adapt, we carry on and often think we have contained it. It is the ultimate trickster, however, and can so surprise-hello you just when you think you have put it away. .. and so we dress it up, we dress it over…

If you or someone you know is dealing with trauma or PTSD, The Repressions understand and dedicate this song to you.

Hey Jack I’m Your Panic Attack

From the blizzard sessions The Repressions made a simple live video for this strange song. Panic Attacks are not funny by any means, but if you or someone you know suffers from them, this song is for you, from the point of view of the attack itself. Giving the panic external form was helpful in the writing of it, perhaps it can give someone out there a laugh of understanding, or at least a little empathy.

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