Life Size Unicorn~ New Video!

Once upon a time a musical duo was insired….

Please enjoy this new video, a live performance of Life Size Unicorn, complete with acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, and magic. Thank you for watching!

Life Size Unicorn on Soundcloud

The third Repression, Nate Lay, has written and recorded a beautiful song, and The Repressions are honored to have it in their catalog… Catch Nate doing a solo set tonight at the Irish Whiskey Showcase here in Astoria, 9pm.


Youtube is very excited to have this video for LIFE SIZE UNICORN from the February 3 show. We hope you are a little excited too. This is Nate Lay, the third Repression, performing his original song. It is pretty magical.

Unicorn Show ~ July 9, 2016

The Repressions had a wondrously colorful time at the 40th Annual Unicorn-on-a-Kebabathon Show. They were terribly awkward emcees to a night of magic and bad banter. They were enthralled to share the stage with Zoe Over Zero, Space Jump Live, The Greenstreets, Dirty Wings, and Nelly Dubarry. Thanks to Justin Finley, Irish Whiskey Bar and everyone who came out that night. So much glitter!

Photo by Avi Bonime

Repressions Unicorn Show

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