Life Size Unicorn Lyrics

Ever since my early days I reached out to touch the sky
And tried to move as fast as I could think
From the shores of rocky gorges I swear that I could fly
Asleep between the silver of your wings
I feel the ripple of your sides as you climb the air
Your voice is like a song that I could drink
And when I get to heaven I’ll pretend that you are there
The clouds around us fade and start to shrink

‘Cause you’re a Life Size Unicorn to me
I want to ride atop you down to the sea
Yes you’re a Life Size Unicorn down from the mount
Your thoughts will always resonate with me

Though you come from a different age you know just how I feel
The psychic vibes they resonate off you
Like back in all the days that I spent wandering in the fields
Lookin’ for the way to cosmic truth
And as I gazed into the haze of puddles as it rained
I thought I heard the thunder of your hooves
And now I lie with you retracing the colors of your mouth
Thinkin I might replace my broken truth

‘Cause you’re a Life Size Unicorn to me
I want to ride with you back down to Calgary
Yes you’re a Life Size Unicorn stepped from the tide
Your love is ripe and fallin’ from a tree
And now the time has come for you to turn off all the lights
And see if I can see into the dark
And see your light shine brilliantly in every windowpane
Break it open now ’cause here you are

‘Cause you’re a Life Size Unicorn to me
You’re like wakin’ up right beside a stream
Yes you’re a light bolt comin from the space between my eyes
Blending dark and light into a cream

Yes you’re a Life Size Unicorn what does it mean
The colors of the world are flashing by
Yes you’re a Life Size Unicorn that doesn’t do a thing
The spot before a thought that doesn’t try

Life Size Unicorn – words and music by The Repressions

© 2017 Colorful Castle

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