Medicate Me Lyrics

MEDICATE ME                                          

Medicate me, just erase me

Dull me down, don’t have to face me

Medicate me, just unlace me

Slow me up ‘til there’s no trace of me

Whittle down, help me sleep

Change my body endlessly

All my angst can go on leave

But understand this is not happy

Medicate me, just displace me

Turn me off and never chase me

Medicate me, might disgrace me

Drown me out but don’t replace me

Swallow fast, my mind’s repast

Neurotransmitters march en masse

Jump to synapse don’t collapse

But understand I did not want this trap

Medicate me, lose your faith in me

Walk away, one last embrace me

Medicate me, don’t debase me

Fake a smile and run apace of me

Watch me fall, hit that wall

Pretty potion for last call

Up the spoonful just once more

But understand this isn’t me at all

Fall down, fall all the way down

Cry out, Cry… out

Fall down, fall all the way down

Cry out, Cry… out

Medicate me, figure eight me

Watch the whole world just negate me

Medicate me, just postdate me

Hope someday I recreate me

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