To The After Lyrics

To the after go, to the later show
Find a further on and on and on you’ll search the snow
In the after shine, shylight’s yours and mine
Glitter gives its time and finally becomes the fine
At the after fall, waltzing at the ball
We’ll dress our daring doll and fall in for our curtain call
To the after go, where we’ll long last know
Here we land and crow allegro in our audio
Want to rest a while, miled my last hard smile
Need to know if there’s a stop to all this starting trial
Where’d the after go, It was here I know
Saw it showing me my place to face the last ten rows
Searcher souls seek out the snappy ending,
Pacing prayersfor the rest that’s pending
Back to order when there’s no one to give the order
Only we can camp here for a style and build it while
We are looking for what’s after
Places found and glossed, Homebound lines are crossed
The dross of being lost is tossed upon the powder moss
Keep on leaping on, steeping each pale dawn
Brewing bliss by making lists of what I had to pawn
After’s all I know, Now is tomorrow
The future’s appropos of plateau shadows to outgrow
Still for waiting still, waiting to be still, these silver stalactites greeting growls to me
Then I feel your brush, in the purple cave waving after waves you gave… to me
They’ll keep me flowing in my knowing we can flourish out of rocks
Planting while I walk, dancing after shock
Build a new world on the asphalt where the fields will flock
Normal’s over now, we can thrive somehow
Giving up our after-ever happy after vows
When the smoke won’t clear, you should know I’m here
Loving you and all for after-ever-thousand years
Beauty will be found, sad souls sing that sound
Turning nocturnes into preludes that can now resound
In the new hello, in the after show
We’ll hold each other after, after we’ll begin to glow

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