Where’s Ben?

Old Man BenWhere’s Ben?

We’ve been hearing that question a lot lately. Just to make the unofficial official, or in case you were wondering… Ben is still here, he’s just over there. He is finishing his Master’s degree in Philosophy, and focusing on his band Ruderals, who just released their first EP. Ben will always be a Repression, and there would be no Repressions without Ben. Ben is simply exercising his bandmate-drama clause in the contract, and taking a sabbatical. Earning a Master’s degree takes time, and lots and lots and lots of reading and writing (actually fun stuff for a Repression.) Barbara and Nate and the songs miss him, but wish him all of the best things. They need not go far to wish him well, because even if he doesn’t have time to play music just now, he’ll probably be right there, eating cereal or making them laugh. That’s just what family is.

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